Who has not known this: at last you have found your dream shoe, everything fits starting with the colour, design, materials, the workmanship... However, later on first real wearing there often comes a rude awakening particularly with new shoes they are tight, rub or pinch somewhere, then the expected dream shoe fast becomes an aching nightmare. That is why with Bugatti shoes they traditionally direct special attention to the subjects of "Comfort" and "Fit". Thus their shoes are not only always stylish and elegant but also offer to the bearer a clearly perceptible plus in comfort.  The following is an overview of the various Bugatti shoes comfort features and comfort themes: -Additional space in the forefoot for freedom of movement of the toes and pads. -Maximum room in forepart for free movement of toes and ball of foot.   -Integrated Soft Gel cushioning “Made in Germany” for heel-strike dampening and protection of joints. -Very soft, flexible shoe where inner lining is sewn in like a sock.   -Water resistant, windproof and optimal breathability through Hightech-Membrane. -A novel high-grade sole material makes this shoe "featherlight".   -Velvet-soft thermal sole with a fine aluminium layer ensures feet warm as toast in cold weather. -Hightech Insole - “Made in Germany” for soft walking and optimum shock absorption.   -Integrated Hightech Sole plus Soft-Pad in forepart for optimum ground-strike cushioning.