Calzuro is known for the comfort and wellbeing of feet for over 30 years.  This shoe company was initially created to meet requirements of medical and paramedical staff.  However, today, Calzuro is worn by everyone for work, leisure and at home.  This footwear is very beneficial for anyone standing on their feet all day.  Some styles of Calzuro appear similar to the wood clog, but it has a special anatomical insole with small raised parts (called "nubs") designed to stimulate the sole of the foot and pushes the blood that accumulates in this area upward.  This is an excellent aid for blood circulation in the legs for people who work for many hours on their feet.  There has been extensive research done regarding the nubs, to achieve an effective level of stimulating foot pump action (the second most important blood pump after the heart).  Calzuro clogs have a real internal shape that physiologically adapts to the foot, retaining the internal arch and perfectly fitting the foot without slipping.  In fact, Calzuro does not easily slip off even when running. Moreover, the height of the heel in relation to the floor has been specifically designed to maintain perfect posture for long periods therefore preventing back fatigue.