Chooze Shoes is a Good Returns company.  At the end of each year, Chooze invests its profit in anti-poverty programs.  These programs provide training, support, education, and loans to women so they can start their own businesses and lift themselves out of extreme poverty.  Loans are paid back at the end of the year and the cycle is started again.  More powerful than a donation, it is a sustainable way to have a positive impact, by giving a hand-up rather than a hand-out.  When kids wear Chooze shoes, they are helping other kids live better lives. Chooze Shoes believes that every child has the potential to be extraordinary.  By providing unique wardrobe choices, they are building confidence.  Chooze kids choose to be different, to think for themselves, and to stand out.  Chooze support programs that empower kids to reach their full potential in whatever they Chooze! Each Chooze shoe in a pair is never quite the same because they like difference!  It can be subtle or occasionally bold and makes lives extraordinary.  When kids wear Chooze they are inspired by the power of choice, have the courage to dream big, and impact the world.  Chooze celebrates creativity, confidence, and the power to create change.  Chooze to use the power to enable women to lift themselves out of poverty.