Flipsters are a range of gorgeous foldable flip flops and ballet flats. Saving women’s feet around the world, Flipsters range of foldable shoes reduce to around the size of an iPhone and are a must-have item for every handbag.   This compact creation offers a “take anywhere” practicality and is designed to provide a comfortable fit. The soft material strapping used won’t rub against heels or between toes and the padding supports the soles of the feet.   Flipsters flip flops are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, and are waterproof and machine washable so they can always look their best. Flipsters are also available in a ballet flat style, perfect as a collapsible closed shoe which can be worn to and from work or just as great looking footwear.   The durability of Flipsters means they can be worn regularly and won’t need to be replaced. These aren’t disposable shoes. you don’t throw them away after a few wears, they’ll last for much longer.