Snipe was founded in 1982 by Ernesto Segarra from Valencia, Spain. Coming from a long family history of shoe making, Ernesto Segarra was always inspired by the sea, the first pair of shoes he ever produced were sailing shoes! The brand's shoes are environmentally friendly and are made from recyclable and natural materials, from the soles to the laces. After studying Ecology at university, Ernesto wanted to motivate people to use natural resources, and as a result brought out his first 'nature' collection in the 1990s. Snipe shoes are functional and long lasting. The design emphasis at Snipe isn't placed on fashion trends, but rather on sustainable, classic shoes which last a long time and remain timeless despite changing fashions. Every last detail of Snipe footwear is environmentally friendly; from the plastic parts of the shoes being made from recycled PET-bottles to the recyclable and reversible insoles. These shoes take care of your feet and help take care of the environment, so if you're in need of a pair of comfortable shoes, made with high quality materials, then Snipe is the brand for you!