Vivo Barefoot

Barefoot running is a skill that has to be learnt. The modern human being is generally disconnected with nature so we need to relearn how to run. No heel, no midsole, no gimmicks! Vivo Barefoot encourages us to move as million years of evolution intended - barefoot. It's about zero-drop heals and anatomic width, total flexibility and ultra-thin puncture-resistant soles. As pioneers of the barefoot movement, Vivo Barefoot includes: ultra thin puncture resistant soles that offer maximum sensory feedback and maximum protection - they make the most proprioceptive soles in the world. Their design is driven by the knowledge that 70% of our brain’s information for movement come from the nerves on the soles of our feet. The more you can feel the ground, the greater your body understands its surroundings and natural movement. The collection features the most comprehensive line of minimalist shoes on the market. The Vivo Barefoot difference is in the sole. The footwear is produced sustainably using recycled, locally sourced materials, with efficient and eco-friendly production techniques in independently monitored ethical factories. They make a series of constructions specifically designed for varying elements, terrains, and activities. From high performance running shoes, off-road and trail running shoes, to work and kids shoes, Vivo Barefoot offers a total lifestyle solution for the whole family and options for transitioning from walking to sports.